Patented a zoom method

Successfully patented the method for zooming and centering objects in web-browsers in collaboration with Mikhail Emelchenkov.

The main feature of the method is the achieved visual effect. As if you peer into the illustration inside a real book in your hands. Thus it won’t give you a feel of being pulled out from the web-site context, as it happens with common zoom methods. The zoomed image stays in place and does not bump out of the blue.


Four and a half years ago I started working on my postgraduate studies. I defended my thesis on December 24, 2020. Today I got the news telling me, that the Higher Attestation Commission approved dissertation council’s decision. Now I got my PhD degree.

Actual Skills for Web-developers (part 2)

I wish to share a couple of links, which are good for getting the state of the art in software development and Web-development.

Two independed teams gathered survey data on the following topics:

  1. State of the Web-development - (frontend mostly)
  2. State of the software development -

The resources would be especially benefitial for students and junior developers, as they provide good insight on the state of the art.

Actual Skills for Web-developers

The way the IT industry works: one must keep learning to fit it. A developer cannot afford to keep using the knowlege learned during ones studentship.

The community invested some efforts and made the list of most demanded skills for Web-developers:

The resource would be especially benefitial for my students at RTU - MIREA. And, if you cannot read this, dear student, add the following to the beginning of your To Learn list: study the English language.

Blog Restart

I had regular issues with my MODx Revo installation for a while. The system demanded actions on my side to keep it working, for example, installing updates, making database backups and checks for security integrity. The last hacker attack deleted all data, which made me to reboot my blog using static HTML-docs. The reason is that there is nothing to hack!

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